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Liebster Award

Carlie Michelle Sorat Has been Nominated for the Liebster Award!!

   I’m so excited and honored I was nominated for the……


   If you don’t know (because at first I didn’t) The Liebster Award is an acknowledgement that allows bloggers to discover new blogs as well as give props to blogs they know by recommending (aka nominating) them.

  My friend and fellow blogger, Retro Dee nominated me. HUGE THANKS TO YOU DEE!  Make sure to check out her site at I’ve been nominated a few times in the past for my other site, and I love it. I think this award and to just be nominated is so great for all bloggers.

The rules are:

  1.  Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2.  Display your award.
  3.  Answer the questions you were asked by the blogger who nominated you.
  4.  Nominate 5 other bloggers.
  5.  Ask 6 new questions for your nominees to answer.
  6.  Let your nominees know they were nominated and give them a link to your post.


So now I am going to answer the questions that RetroDee has posted for her nominees:


  1. Who are your favorite bands/music artists?

This is a hard one because music is life to me but my tops are definitely, “The Beatles,” “Placebo,” “The Ramones,” “Lana Del Rey,”  “Rob Zombie.”


2. What is your favorite Disney movie? (does not need to be animated)

Again I love so many Disney films but I’d have to say my favorite is the ORIGINAL ANIMATED “Beauty and the Beast.”


3. How did you decide to write a blog?

I honestly just decided that I wanted to write a blog and after thinking about what I wanted to talk about and show, I began the writing process.


    4. Do you collect anything? If so, what do you collect?

Oh I collect a few things. I collect coffee mugs, the really unique ones. I also collect crystals because as you all know, I love crystals and do crystal magic. I have a lot of horror mementos, most of them which are one of a kind, but I do collect skulls, especially Sugar Skulls.


5.  What really grinds your gears?

People who are ignorant that preach who don’t really know what the fuck they’re talking about. Also the horrible drivers in Orange County really grinds my gears. I’m originally from Los Angeles and the drivers are worse behind the Orange Curtain.


6.  What is your favorite quote and who said it?

“This is life, not heaven, you don’t have to be perfect.” I actually have that quote tattooed on my abdomen.



I’m going to cheat a little and just nominate three bloggers this time.

  1. This is my girl Sarah’s blog and it’s awesome. She was the first blogger I met when I started my Bombshell site.
  2. I love Annabelle and her amazing blog. She does a lot of gothic DIY and is all about the darkness and being gothic as well as being very fashion forward. She is the one who got me into the Samhain Society.
  3. If you love HORROR as much as I do, definitely check this site out.

Here are 6 questions for my nominees to answer:

  1. What made you want to start a blog?
  2. What is your favorite horror movie? 
  3. Do you have any pets?
  4. Do you collect anything? If so, what do you collect?
  5. What’s you favorite place to vacation?
  6. If you could live anywhere, where would you be?

If you are one of my nominees, all you need to do is make a post just like this one,  and follow the rules above.