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Another Very Happy Customer

This was so sweet for my client and good friend posted my gothic Edgar Allan Poe double-sided junk journal plus the other gifts I made her! Let me know if you want a personal junk journal in the comment section below and make sure to check out my friend’s twitter account: @quenchyourlips to see the full video of her art commission from me as well as her little beautiful online beauty shop!



Good Morning Affirmation

   Since my last Sunday Coffee Morning Chat was all about preventing anxiety and negativity as well as me providing a simple spell/ ritual on the power of positive affirmations, I thought I would post a great affirmation for first thing in the morning. Oh and I’m glad so many of your liked my last positive quotes I posted early yesterday morning. Hope you enjoy this one just as much.





I really like this morning affirmation. Stay tuned for more wise words in the future.  

XOXO, Carlie

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She’s Glowing

   Instead of doing my first Sunday Morning Coffee Chat yesterday, which I was planning on doing, I decided to share Aurelio Voltaire, who you should know by now on here. Not only is he an incredible singer, he also does a lot of DIY gothic and spooky home projects. Click his name here in his tag and you’ll see. 

   I wanted to post and share this song because the song is so beautiful. It is definitely in the rock and goth genre but the way he sings it reminds me a lot of the groups, The Cure, Echo and the Bunnymen, and other 80’s groups. It also reminds me of the Airbourne Toxic Project!


   This is one of my favorite songs by Voltaire and definitely listen to it and check out his YouTube channel.

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My Response to Margo Indigo’s Latest Youtube Vid

Good Morning everyone! I did and uploaded this video yesterday about one of my friends Margo Indigo. Make sure to check out her youtube channel. I’ve done past videos about her and I really connect with her and I’m so happy I’m friends with her online. Hopefully will will get to meet each other in person soon. We just live in two different states. hehe. She is such an amazing girl and we have a lot in common which you’ll see in both her and my videos.

I did and edited this video yesterday before uploading in response to Margo’s latest vid on “THE END OF THE KUCKIAN EFFECT, PART 2.” I uploaded a car vlog response vid last week and the moment I posted it, the “Kuckian cult” started leaving funny threats on my comments telling me to watch my back which I laughed at as well as my husband and talking about Margo and how she’s going to use her child, etc. That’s why they are a cult. They are brainwashed and are young and don’t know what they heck they’re talking about. That Kuckian cult is a joke!

And Margo knows I’ll have her back always! Here’s her latest vid that I did my response and opinions on and underneath is my response!

Hope you enjoy and make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel as well as Margo’s channel. Margo is amazing  and I love you girl!!!!


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My Art Work with Fabulous Author, Robert Ropars


I’ve talked about my wonderful friend Robert on my other site, and also on a previous horror blog I used to have but I definitely have to mention him and his work, and our work together. I’ve known Robert for many years and he is a true true friend. Even though we don’t see each other a lot, because he lives out of state and travels for work a lot, we always keep in touch.


I’m doing this post to show a few of our collaborations we’ve done together. He has many books out but I had the privilege of him asking me to illustrate the last few books he did and I love them. You can can get actual paperback copies or read the stories through kindle on Amazon. Here are some of the stories I illustrated for Robert and some small illustration examples for this book, “The Pleasure of Fiends,” the first book that we mostly did together.




   I definitely recommend checking out his incredible writing and to see his photography on his Instagram under @robertropars. Hope you like our stuff and get these fantastically written smart and spooky horror novels. Oh and by the way for these books we did together, were the last things I published with my maiden name until I changed it to Sorat. Now of course always look for me under Carlie Sorat! Wink Wink!