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Medical Tin Sneak Peek

Hey everyone, I just started designing medical metal tins to sell and wanted to show a sneak peek of the very first one I did. This one has an awesome sscary medical theme but I will be making other ones with oddity themes, steampunk, and more spooky work. If you have any suggestions of what you guys would like to see on these tins, please comment below and let me know. I’d love to hear feedback.

These will retail for $10 each and are perfect to hold small art supplies, charms, jewelry, and so much more. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS  If you’re interested in this one or me making you a custom one, let me know in my comment section. I’ll be posting more tins very soon so stay tuned everyone! Thank you and enjoy!






ART, Art Accessories, Art for Sale, Completed Art Pieces

My Midnight Masquerade handmade Tarot Installation is Completed!!!

In my last post I did about my tarot cards, I posted only a few! Now I have all twenty one Major Arcanas! I’m thinking of installing them in a huge frame to see as one but I’m also thinking of. Selling them individuals. It took me months to finish. 

Let me know your opinion on them if I should separately or sell the whole installation as one.

If you want to buy a single card, they cost 38 dollars per card. If you want all the cards and installation it will obviously be more because I make my own frames but will be cheaper in the live one! 

Leave you comments, any questions, and interest below! My next post here will to show you more of the completed tarot! Thank you everyone for the support! Xoxo