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Turning my Past Photos into Paintings


For awhile I’d been thinking of turning some of my recent photos into canvas painting works of art and I’m really happy with the outcome. If you are interested in having your photo turning into a work of art, please let me know in the comments below. I’ll be selling prints for $10.00 each. Hope you enjoy!







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Bats, Skulls, and Zero


This is my latest Nightmare Before Xmas stump painting. I actually like this one a bit more than my previous one because I seem to have got the hang of working with the materials.

The materials I used to create this includes, small tree stump, black ink, pencil transfers, distressed ink and acrylic paint. I sealed the piece as always.



This art piece is selling for $40.00, shipping included. Leave your comments below if interested.

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Botanical Creatures

This is my latest art piece with a Botanical Theme to it. Botanical is different than the oddity pieces I love making. The definition of Botanical is a substance obtained from a plant and can be used as an additive, for healing properties and more which I wanted to express in my piece here.

I was so excited to use distressed ink as one of the techniques I used to create this piece. I had always been on the fence if I wanted to use it because I wasn’t sure how I would like it or mess up a painting or piece but I’m SO EXCITED that I tried it and now I can’t stop using it. The first painting I used it on was my nightmare before xmas painting that I did on wood. Because the wood was so grainy, I added green distressed ink on the bark to make it coincide together. After my painting was complete, I knew distressed ink and I were in love.

For my “Botanical Creatures” I use distressed in certain places but wanted to display the botanicals and the little creatures more. I made those small 3-D butterflies that you’ll see in the piece as well. 





I REALLY HOPE YOU LIKE MY PROJECT! I definitely put a lot of love in it, especially making the shadow box which you can use flat or hang it up.    Since I’m a natural with who deals with healing and herbs, crystals, etc, I’ve use similar pieces to this one for my own magical work and have had great success with it!!! 

   Hit me below in the comment section if you’re interested in purchasing “Botanical Creatures,” leave your comment below or hit my up on my facebook, twitter, and instagram. Thank you for everyone’s support. We are all creative people in one or another and I love everyone in the artist community.

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New Nightmare Before Xmas inspired Art Piece for Sale


I love Tim Burton as many do. When I was living in San Francisco, I had the privilege of seeing an exhibit of his rare work which included his first sketchbooks and drawings and even done small paintings. It was really neat and I’m glad I got to experience it. 

I love Mr. Burton and love it when I do art that is inspired by him. If you recall my huge art piece that I created and posted about a month ago or so, and did a video on it called “Peculiar,” it’s actually based on his movie, “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.” If you haven’t seen it, scroll down to check it out. It’s for sale for $65.00. 

Anyways yesterday I did another Tim Burton inspired piece based on the “Nightmare Before Christmas,” one if his most popular movies. As my canvas I used an oval slice of a tree trunk and stub (and no I didn’t harm the tree to get it) and did an illustration of some of the characters from the film including, “Lock, Shock, Barrel, and of course, “Oogie Boogie.”

   For my medium, I used pencil, ink, colored pencil and ink, and watercolor. You can still see the tree bark on the side. I was really happy how this turned out and it’s for sale for $50.00. I plan on doing another Burton tree stump illustration but different from this so this Oogie Boogie piece is one of a kind.



Buy it before it’s gone. If interested contact me in the comment section here. 



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New Art Pieces that I’ll be Doing this Year


Here’s a sneak peek video of just some of new art pieces  that I will be creating this year. Stay tuned for samples that I mentioned in this video. ALSO MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY SITE HERE MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL, AND MY OTHER SITE BOMBSHELL2016.BLOG!

If you have any questions about what I mentioned in this vid or any art/artist questions below, leave them in the comment section below.

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My Art Work with Fabulous Author, Robert Ropars


I’ve talked about my wonderful friend Robert on my other site, and also on a previous horror blog I used to have but I definitely have to mention him and his work, and our work together. I’ve known Robert for many years and he is a true true friend. Even though we don’t see each other a lot, because he lives out of state and travels for work a lot, we always keep in touch.


I’m doing this post to show a few of our collaborations we’ve done together. He has many books out but I had the privilege of him asking me to illustrate the last few books he did and I love them. You can can get actual paperback copies or read the stories through kindle on Amazon. Here are some of the stories I illustrated for Robert and some small illustration examples for this book, “The Pleasure of Fiends,” the first book that we mostly did together.




   I definitely recommend checking out his incredible writing and to see his photography on his Instagram under @robertropars. Hope you like our stuff and get these fantastically written smart and spooky horror novels. Oh and by the way for these books we did together, were the last things I published with my maiden name until I changed it to Sorat. Now of course always look for me under Carlie Sorat! Wink Wink!