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Happy Valentine’s Day


I hope everyone is having a beautiful Valentine’s day! This is a card I made for my hubby. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful pop up cards for different occasions and I saw this card and I wasn’t thrilled with it so I added a lot more to it. It’s my first pop up so I was very excited how it looked. Hope you all enjoy and if you want me to make you anything, definitely hit me up here or on my social media. Thank you and Happy Valentine’s Day lovers.

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She’s Glowing

   Instead of doing my first Sunday Morning Coffee Chat yesterday, which I was planning on doing, I decided to share Aurelio Voltaire, who you should know by now on here. Not only is he an incredible singer, he also does a lot of DIY gothic and spooky home projects. Click his name here in his tag and you’ll see. 

   I wanted to post and share this song because the song is so beautiful. It is definitely in the rock and goth genre but the way he sings it reminds me a lot of the groups, The Cure, Echo and the Bunnymen, and other 80’s groups. It also reminds me of the Airbourne Toxic Project!


   This is one of my favorite songs by Voltaire and definitely listen to it and check out his YouTube channel.

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Supplies and Mediums


  I’m working on several art projects tonight which can sometimes feel overwhelming but it’s always worth it. I’m glad and consider myself lucky for feeling comfortable using all art mediums, (except for one but it doesn’t really matter.)

Tonight I worked on two jewelry and trinket box cases. I always love making them, it’s almost a sort of therapy for me, and I used two different techniques and images on these. I’m not finished with them yet but they’ll probably be done tomorrow.

Here’s a sneak peek of the Victorian Lady and Fairy as well as and a glimpse into my world of a very small amount of art supplies. You should see all my stuff. Your jaw would be on the ground.


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New Nightmare Before Xmas inspired Art Piece for Sale


I love Tim Burton as many do. When I was living in San Francisco, I had the privilege of seeing an exhibit of his rare work which included his first sketchbooks and drawings and even done small paintings. It was really neat and I’m glad I got to experience it. 

I love Mr. Burton and love it when I do art that is inspired by him. If you recall my huge art piece that I created and posted about a month ago or so, and did a video on it called “Peculiar,” it’s actually based on his movie, “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.” If you haven’t seen it, scroll down to check it out. It’s for sale for $65.00. 

Anyways yesterday I did another Tim Burton inspired piece based on the “Nightmare Before Christmas,” one if his most popular movies. As my canvas I used an oval slice of a tree trunk and stub (and no I didn’t harm the tree to get it) and did an illustration of some of the characters from the film including, “Lock, Shock, Barrel, and of course, “Oogie Boogie.”

   For my medium, I used pencil, ink, colored pencil and ink, and watercolor. You can still see the tree bark on the side. I was really happy how this turned out and it’s for sale for $50.00. I plan on doing another Burton tree stump illustration but different from this so this Oogie Boogie piece is one of a kind.



Buy it before it’s gone. If interested contact me in the comment section here. 



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New Art Pieces that I’ll be Doing this Year


Here’s a sneak peek video of just some of new art pieces  that I will be creating this year. Stay tuned for samples that I mentioned in this video. ALSO MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY SITE HERE MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL, AND MY OTHER SITE BOMBSHELL2016.BLOG!

If you have any questions about what I mentioned in this vid or any art/artist questions below, leave them in the comment section below.

Happy Holidays

Happy 2019!!!


Good morning to all my friends and fellow art lovers. I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s Eve last night and that you made your resolutions.  I definitely made my resolutions but one of my big ones is to be more positive in about the things that are going on in my life. I don’t want my positive thoughts and the good and happy things that are happening in my life be tainted by anxiety, panic, or worrying, which some of you know, I struggle with sometimes. 

My worrying and anxiety has definitely gotten a lot better according to my family but every once in a while it still happens. I just know how to deal with it better which I’m grateful for and in this new year of 2019, there’s going to be a lot of positivity and good things going on which I’m very excited for.

What did everyone do for New Year’s last night? What are your plans for today? I enjoy hearing from all of you. If you feel like sharing any resolutions definitely do so below. Whatever you all do, I hope you have a wonderful start to 2019! Have an absolutely wonderful New Year!