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Good morning fellow artists!

   I recently made a new wonderful and talented friend through twitter known as @CMercado1278 -Candice’s Vanity, who is also an artist and makes gorgeous banners. I contacted her and told her what my style and “brand” is and gave just a couple of banner ideas and in within 15-20 minutes, she created me these 3 beauties and I shrieked with joy the moment I say them. Here are the 3 versions she made me and I told her what to use as my text, “Gore Whore,” duh. Haha. The first one is the one that I chose and that is up on my twitter, new tumblr, and my merch shop at, but I love them all. Candice is such as sweetheart and her prices her so reasonable.  Find her on twitter and dm or email her if you want a custom wonderful banner from Candice.









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