ART, Mixed Media, Work in Progress Art

Midnight Masquerade Tarot Installation

   I have always loved the art of tarot. I was taught tarot and how to use and respect the cards at the age of twelve and have been doing it ever since. My first deck which I still use to this day is the “Original Rider Waite” deck. I also started using the Osha Oracle cards a few years ago. They can be considered tarot but I love combining all the cards when I’m doing a big reading. The oracle cards deal more with emotions, your thinking, and more.

   I’ve always wanted to create my own tarot deck. Whenever I would go to the bookstore, I’d spend forever in the New Age section where I saw dozens of tarot decks, almost to the point where I felt overwhelmed. I was amazed to see how many decks were out there.

Over the years I’ve bought or have been given different tarot decks to try but I never felt connected to any of them and would always go back to my Rider Waite deck. I’ve done many readings for my family members over the years and they’ve always suggested that I create my own deck. Finally I got up the nerve to create my own version of the tarot. I wanted to create my first deck as a type of installation where you see everything at once. I also wanted to make them into 3-D mixed media pieces instead of just drawing on them. I’m using illustrations, jewels, bronze, silver, and more. I decided to do that because it’s something different that I haven’t ever seen in any other deck. I’m starting with the “Major Arcana” cards which are cards like, “The Lovers,” the “Emperor,” “Death,” etc. Eventually I’ll create the “Minor Arcana” cards such as the “Ace of Swords,” but for now, I’m enjoying what I’m making and I can’t wait to show the finished project.

Here are a few of the cards I’ve already made. I know I’ll be making other deck themes in the future but my “Midnight Masquerade” theme is a great place to start. I hope you enjoy what I’ve done so far.



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