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My Art Work with Fabulous Author, Robert Ropars


I’ve talked about my wonderful friend Robert on my other site, and also on a previous horror blog I used to have but I definitely have to mention him and his work, and our work together. I’ve known Robert for many years and he is a true true friend. Even though we don’t see each other a lot, because he lives out of state and travels for work a lot, we always keep in touch.


I’m doing this post to show a few of our collaborations we’ve done together. He has many books out but I had the privilege of him asking me to illustrate the last few books he did and I love them. You can can get actual paperback copies or read the stories through kindle on Amazon. Here are some of the stories I illustrated for Robert and some small illustration examples for this book, “The Pleasure of Fiends,” the first book that we mostly did together.




   I definitely recommend checking out his incredible writing and to see his photography on his Instagram under @robertropars. Hope you like our stuff and get these fantastically written smart and spooky horror novels. Oh and by the way for these books we did together, were the last things I published with my maiden name until I changed it to Sorat. Now of course always look for me under Carlie Sorat! Wink Wink!

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