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Gargoyle Tombstone Candy Jars





 There’s a few reasons I chose gargoyles is because I LOVE GARGOYLES. I still have one I bought in Paris when I was 17. Since Halloween is approaching, I’ll definitely be able working on spooky style pieces, more than usual. I thought making my own  6 Oz. candy jars would be a great idea. They will be very versatile so if you don’t want to use them for candy, you can keep trinkets, bath salts, charms, herbs, and a lot more in them.

A lot of people who make crafts for Halloween use mostly pumpkins, black cats, skulls, etc. I thought it would be really unique to use gargoyles for my jar lids, especially since I’ve always felt connected to them. I’ve loved gargoyles since I was little and I was lucky to buy one at the Notre-Dame de Paris. That was the first time  I went there in 2000. I already have six orders for these cute Halloween candy jars. The best thing about them is that you don’t have to put candy in them if you don’t want them. They are reusable and you can put trinkets, spooky charms, affirmations, etc. You can definitely get creative with them with what you want to put inside.

I am going to start making these gargoyle halloween jars this week and will post pictures of some of the items I will be using to create this unique one of a kind jars. I’m giving you a sneak peek of my cute gargoyles and head stones. If you’re interested in purchasing one of these, leave a comment below.


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